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Patented Formula:

Terra-Kleen™ is formulated as an environmentally safe cleaning agent and degreaser for cleaning and killing germs on a diverse number of surfaces. The composition is completely biodegradable and contains a mixture of non ionic surfactants, a phosphate ester anionic surfactant, a mixture of specific ethanolamines, water and chelating agent. 

There is a strong need to replace the many different kinds of cleaning agents useful for cleaning various kinds of surfaces with a single, universal cleaning composition that is effective, inexpensive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. A detailed description of the preferred embodiment’s of Terra-Kleen™ relates to a cleaning, germ-killing, soil reclamation, waste and water treatment composition. It is intended to function primarily as a soap-detergent or cleaner for removing dirt and residue from many kinds of surfaces. On a larger scale these include; synthetic and natural oil residues, grease fat residues, the partial thermal decomposition products thereof, and other organic and inorganic residues, deposits or coatings and mixtures thereof. 

A few of the surfaces upon which Terra-Kleen™ is effective include; wood, fine fabrics, polymethyl methacrylate polymer and plastic, stainless steel, gold, silver, brass, copper, aluminum and glass. Other applications for cleaning or removing unwanted residues include; fruits and vegetables, automobile exteriors and interiors, bowling alley lanes, carpets, showers, tubs, slot machine surfaces, cooling tower scale removal, swimming pools, tiles, mirrors, clothing, canvas, leather, rust removal, white walled tires, machinery and woodwork. 

Also added to the formula is a food-grade preservative to prevent microbial activity against composition which protects the shelf life of the product. Terra-Kleen™ is currently being used in a number of industries, from oil rigs, restaurants, hotels, casinos, and waste treatment plants, to general housekeeping and a number of other different kinds of businesses.  


















Oil Spills:

On-Land Spills: When applied to crude oil spills, Terra-Kleen™ creates a process called ‘saponification’, meaning the oil is converted into soap. This saponified mixture can then be safely washed into the sewage system, per local, state and federal regulations.

Ocean Spills: Terra-Kleen™ breaks down oil so it can be safely siphoned away without the need for special HazMat disposal of the saponified residue.

Any remaining residue of the saponified mixture is safely and easily removed, thus greatly reducing, if not eliminating any ecological damage. Personnel can work safely with Terra-Kleen™ with no harmful effects to skin, mucous membranes, eyes or lungs.

Terra-Kleen™ can be used to prime oil wells, helps crude move more easily from wells and reduces toxic gases in the wells.

No need to worry about the soil Terra-Kleen™ encounters because Terra-Kleen™ biodegrades into fertilizer. Terra-Kleen™ contains no acids, caustics or butyls, and requires no special ventilation either during or after application. Terra-Kleen™ is an ideal product to be used in places where constant cleaning is necessary.

To clean up the crude oil currently leaking into the ocean from the Gulf, applying T-K Extreme Kleen or T-K Power Kleen Plus will be most effective. This can be accomplished by an airplane flying overhead like crop dusting is done, or by using a high pressure sprayer.

To clean up the beaches now exposed to the oil, using a high pressure sprayer or a hand pump up sprayer is ideal.Depending on the concentration of oil on the beach, applying T-K Extreme Kleen, T-K Power Kleen or T-K Power Kleen Plus are recommended.

To bathe birds and other wild life effected by the oil spill, use T-K Power Kleen or T-K Power Kleen Plus in one or two solutions in a tub before sinking and drying the animals. 

The wet lands and marshes should require the application of T-K All Surface Kleen or T-K Streak Free . Lets point out that when applied to vegetation it aids in the growth of the plant life, which is in danger of being lost for years if not forever at this time!

Terra-Kleen™ can be used to lubricate the drill bits when drilling for oil to keep the bits from prematurely dulling and burning out. Therefore extending the life of the drill bits.

Terra-Kleen™ keeps the paraffin waxes from closing the wells while in production. Therefore solving another ever costly production problem, by keeping the oil flowing in a non-dense state.

Terra-Kleen™ bonds with the crude to help maintain a non combustible state, as oil fires and explosions are very deadly and expensive to deal with.

Terra-Kleen™ can be used in existing foaming units to extinguish oil fires. The resulting foam can be safely washed into the water sewage system per local, state and federal regulations.

Use Terra-Kleen™ to refine the oil and save the refinery millions of dollars of cost as those procedures are proprietary and very expensive

​​​​​Terra-Kleen™ has been tested on sanitation waste sites in the U.S. and Mexico. The results are an elimination of odor, and the liquid run-off is deemed safe for discharge into normal sewage drain systems according to local, state, and federal regulations. ​



Water Treatment:

Terra-Kleen™ can be used in cooling towers to remove scale and corrosion, as well as prevent algae buildup. This eliminates the need for caustics and acids, which are the normal treatments for these problems.

Eliminates odors, which is a common and sometimes major problem in cooling towers and their closed-looped systems to further enhance the efficiency of both systems.

An effective cleaner for all washable filter and screen media.


Very efficient in cleaning coils, eliminating the need to use caustics and acids, which are responsible for etching the surface of the coils and creating leaks.

Can be safely discharged into the sewer drain system, per local, state and federal regulations. Terra-Kleen™ is 100% biodegradable, contains no toxic chemicals and meets the requirements of OSHA. 










Soil Remediation:

The normal method of contaminated soil disposal is to scrape it up and dump it in a landfill where it can be composted, which is a labor and time-consuming process. It can also be sent to an incinerator where the hazardous waste can be burned off.  There are problems with the burning method of contamination removal. Air Quality Activists are making it more and more difficult to use the burn method as a cost-effective way of ridding soil of its contamination. Tighter legislation is making this politically unsavory, and extremely expensive as well. 

Another reason that scraping and removing contaminated soil is an expensive way to go is because it usually means that the area that is being remediated is not available for production. This causes businesses to either halt operations during treatment, or strictly limits activity. Treatment without any curtailing or disrupting of production is crucial, which is what Terra-Kleen™ can effectively help with. 

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